Packing Tips

Packing tips for a stress less home removal

There is no getting around the fact that moving home is stressful and one of the most stressful things is the packing. While nobody really wants to do it, is has to be done and it has to be done well before the last minute. Here are some tips for packing to help you complete it with the least stress possible.

One of the biggest tips to help you when packing for your move is to get rid of everything that is not needed. You are making a new life for yourself so you do not need to take a lot of old baggage with you that you have accumulated over the years. So have a good look around the home and get together anything you do not use and sell them at a car boot sale or give them to a charity shop. This will save on the amount of time that is needed for packing and so cuts down the stress.

After this make a priority packing list, you should start packing many weeks before the actual removal day and you can start with all the items that are not needed as essentials. By packing in priority over the weeks you will ensure that everything is not left until the last minute and you have to rush around.

Many weeks before the removal date make a list of all the packing items you will need for the job. You will of course need many strong boxes for items and you will have to get different sizes. You will also need such items as strong tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper for delicate items and labels.

When packing rooms you need to ensure that you have marked the boxes clearly as this will help you when it comes to the job of unpacking in your new home. Therefore when packing always go through one room at a time and of course you might need more than one box for that room so label the box accordingly.

When using large boxes for packing you do have to remember not to keep stuffing items into the box. While it might hold plenty if you overfill it you will have trouble picking it up and of course it might not hold.

Now is a good time to check your insurance policy to see if you are covered for any breakages that might occur during your packing. Of course when using a reliable moving company they will also be covered for any damages that might occur as the result of the company.

You will have to take care when packing not to include any items that are on the non-allowable list. All moving companies will have one of these and they will give it to you when you book with them. This list will include hazardous materials, perishable and personal items.

Ensure that you have everything packed well before the day of the move. The night before your move you should go through the house looking in all cupboards, drawers and all areas of the home which you might have missed. This will ensure that nothing gets left behind, so make sure that you keep a small box and tape handy just in case.


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